Who We Are

A widely respected source of information about climate variability, risk, and impacts

ClimBiz brings scientific innovation and integrity to the management of climate change risk and opportunity. It adds another time scale to the weather and climate information advantage we offer to our present clients. Our industry-leading World Climate Service® produces seasonal and subseasonal probability forecasts. CropProphet™ provides forecasts of grain yield and productivity. Both are uniquely quantitative, reliable, and advantageous to customers.

What We Do

Offer strategic resilience to the turbulence of climate change

ClimBiz—being developed with financial support from the U.S. Department of Energy—will make scientific insight about climate change readily available to decision-makers in business and industry.
ClimBiz translates historical climate data and computer climate simulations from 13 nations into industry-specific formats that enable private sector firms to address the challenges of climate change, manage impending risk, and explore pathways into the future.

ClimBiz brings to business the key results of the multi-year effort by 50 international scientific centers in the United States and other nations to provide the foundation for the most recent report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Using this foundation, ClimBiz offers strategic corporate resilience—resilience to the environmental, economic, and political turbulence generated by climate change in the decades to come. With ClimBiz scenarios, businesses can simulate their future and consider revision of their business models so that they ensure success.

Our Partners & Clients

Firms that create or experience environmental effects

The Department of Energy supports ClimBiz financially and with extensive computer and data resources. ClimBiz works with a wide range of businesses and industries, creating unparalleled capabilities and opportunities. ClimBiz partners and clients will include:

Corporations sensitive to change in energy demand and energy costs, including the electricity, gas, and oil industries.

Insurance and Finance
Corporations specializing in long-term property and casualty insurance, organizations involved in human health, and the wide range of firms that create or experience environmental effects in their business activities.

Corporations sensitive to the migration of optimum growing regions for high-value crops and the variability of food supplies.